Parents on Tiny Tots

Some kind words from our past customers.

Tiny Tots helps parents automate the diaper situation so they have one less thing to worry about and always have diapers on hand/taken away and disposed responsibly. Diapers are part of most children's lives for at least 2-3 years, so this is a huge impact!

Lara from Stanford

I am so happy with my experience with Tiny Tots' compostable diaper service for my daughter! We've used Tiny Tots since she was born, and they are always reliable and their customer service is amazing. I'd absolutely recommend them!

Janessa from Emeryville

We used Tiny Tots with both our sons...It's been nearly 6 years of working with them. I can't speak highly enough. They are attentive and helpful when I need to change a product. I'm happy to say goodbye to diapers, but Tiny Tots helped with the years of diapers we did have. I recommend them highly!

Matt from San Francisco

I didn't think it would be possible for me to use cloth diapers for my twins since I also have a toddler plus I work. But with Tiny Tots, I think it's easier than the other options. I don't have to go to the store and haul cases of diapers. I just set out the soileds which are are picked up, and replaced with clean, fresh, soft diapers right at my doorstep. Also, our lessened impact on the environment is really obvious!

Gabi from Cupertino

Thank you, thank you for providing both an earth-friendly product along with well-chosen staff with amazing customer service.

Cathy from Soquel

There is no better choice but cloth diapers! My mother used them on me and I wanted to keep the tradition going. Not only would it be good for my baby's skin, but it would also help preserve the earth he's growing up in.

Maria from Fremont

It was given to me as a baby shower gift. Initially, I was skeptical, because I knew how easy it is with disposable diapers. Surprisingly, I like these better because my daughter has remained rash-free, which is a big plus!

Tonya from San Jose

The environment is very important to me. I think using a service consumes less water than doing one's own diapers at home. Once I started, too, I can't seem to find diapers as soft as the ones I'm getting (at Tiny Tots). And, it is easy to tell when your child is wet. I love my service!!

Jean from Atherton

Hiking on some trails at Wilder Ranch, you can see remnants of disposable diapers in the wild boar droppings. Just another reason cloth diapers are so important. It is our responsibility, as parents, to do our part.

Larry from Boulder Creek