Make Everyday Earth Day

While we only have it for one day on our calendar, we can still make a habit of practicing Earth Day — everyday.

Reduce what you use.

The first important element of protecting our environment is reducing what resources we use. Our resources are not infinite, and must be managed accordingly. There are many simple ways we can reduce what we use on a daily basis.

Choose reusable

Prefer products that are durable and reusable, as it limits the primary resources needed.

Reusable bags

Bring reusable bags when shopping, travel or anywhere you go.

Junk mail

Remove your name from the the DMA list to reduce the amount of unwanted mail. DMA List

Buy bulk

Buying bulk can reduce the amount of individual packaging and transportation resources.

Conserve Water

Water is an essential natural resource. Don’t let the water run when brushing your teeth, shorten your showers, update landscaping to be drought-tolerant. Every little bit helps.

Skip the trash. Reuse it.

We live in a single-use society. Things we use get thrown away with abandon. The best way to make the most of something is to reuse it. Reusing items greatly reduces the need to collect new raw materials.

It is always good to use products which have long-lasting construction which can be repaired instead of thrown out. It is even better if that item can be recycled at the end of its life.

Donate your stuff

Instead of throwing away, donate the items you do not want to places who assist others.

Maintain your stuff

Rather then throw away items, fix them up and keep on loving 'um. Extending the life your stuff helps the landfill, and can save money!

Share your stuff

Its always good to share! Sharing your unneeded items with others help prolong the life out of the item, thus reducing waste and need for resources.

Reusable Cotton Cloths

Diapers are one of the single largest items that fill our landfills. You can purchase renewed cotton cloth's, which make wonderful and durable accessories around the house for cleaning and maintenace.

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Revitalize it by reusing and reclaiming.

Recycling is an important part of waste disposal that revitalizes materials that would otherwise be sent to the landfill.

Use the blue bin

This is where you put your aluminum cans, cardboard, plastic items, and glass. Some municipalities operate differently, so check with them as well.


Its easy to create a family compost for your food waste. It makes great fertilizer for your yard!
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Electronic waste

Our electronics have such a short life-cycle, yet they contain many important and rare elements. Properly recycling them is crucial. Bay Area E-waste