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If they already have a diaper service account, you can add funds directly to their account. At checkout, you can provide the name or Account Number for the recipients and the funds will be applied directly to their account.

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Not sure what the recipients want? No problem! You can purchase a physical Gift Card to be mailed directly to the family, or mailed to you to present to the family. They can be redeemed towards Diaper Service or anything else you see in our online store.

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If the recipients set up a registry on our site, you can search for it here. Items from the registry can be purchased and either shipped to you or the recipient, or held at our warehouse until the first delivery to the family is made. Shipping options provided at checkout.

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Popular Bundles

Giving diaper service as a gift? Looking for popular options? These bundles are for you! Please ensure the person who will be using the service resides on our delivery area. If you are signing up for yourself and want additional options, we recommend the custom sign up option.

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Starter Bundle

This bundle includes the basics to begin compost diapering.

Includes 3 packs of Bambo/Nest Size 1 (84 to 108 count), 1 pack of Bambo wipes (50 count), and 1 roll of 13 gallon Compost bags (25 count).

$45.45 to $55.95 $48.45 to 58.95

Variety Bundle

This bundle includes the basics to begin compost diapering, plus additional accessories and diapering options.

Includes 1 pack Nest size 1 (28 ct), 1 pack Bambo/Green size 1 (28 ct), 1 pack Bambo Dream size 1 (36 ct), 1 pack Bambo wipes (50 count), 1 pack Aleva Wipes (80 count), 1 Noleo Baby Box (8oz cleanser & 150 pads), 1 Herblore Healing Salve, 1 Planetwise Wet/Dry Bag, 1 Flip Top Hamper, 1 Bambo Bath Buddy, 1 Roll of 13 Gallon Compost Bags (25ct).

$147.45 to $188.44 $157.45 to $199.44

Accessories and the Build Your Own Package

For those using the custom ordering, we offer new customers a flexible way of getting the right accessories for diapering your child. The following special prices are only available to new customers through our "build-your-own" package. You can add these items to your registry through the online store.


Hampers are the best place to keep the dirty diapers!

Flip Top



Diaper Dekor Plus

White or Color Version

$55.00 to $58.00

$52.00 to $55.00

Ubbi Diaper Pail

White, Gray or Chrome Colors

$69.99 to $89.99

$66.99 to $86.99

Compost Diapers

For your on-the-go needs.

Nest, Size NB (1)

6-12 lbs, 28 count



Bambo (Dream), Size 1

4-9 lbs, 36 count



Bambo (Green), Size 1

4-9 lbs, 28 count



Natur Compost Bags

13 gallon, 25 count



Diaper Dekor Refill

1 pack




Useful tools to help the process.

Aleva Wipes (Bamboo/Compostable)

80 count (China)



Bambo Wipes (Compostable)

50 count (Denmark)



Ubbi Wipes Dispenser

White/Grey (China)



Noleo Baby Box




Noleo 3-in-1 Diaper Cream

Organic Diaper Care Cream (France)



Noleo Organic Cotton Pads




Babee Greens Organic Wipes

12 pack (USA)



Oso Cozy Wipes

12 pack (USA)



Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag

Various Prints (USA)



Planet Wise Wipe Pouch

Various Prints (USA)



Herblore Healing Salve

2 oz. (USA)



Motherlove Nipple Cream

1 oz. (USA)



Shoosha Organic Diaper Balm

2 oz. (USA)



Shoosha Organic Nipple Balm

0.68 oz. (USA)



Bambo Bath Buddy Hair+Body

5 oz. (Denmark)



Bambo Snuggle Time Lotion

3.4 oz. (Denmark)