What is Diaper Service?

Weekly home delivery of compostable diapers and wipes, which are then picked up and professionally composted.

Many enter the parenting phase dreading the thought of diapering. But with Tiny Tots, diapering can be both rewarding and relationship building. We handle the delivery, pickup, and composting of the diapers – leaving the best part for you. Every diaper change is love!

Keeps waste out of landfills

Single use diapers are one of the largest contributors to landfill. A baby can use more than 2,000 diapers a year. With Tiny Tots, you have access to compostable diapers - which are comfortable for your little one, and better for the environment.

Full Service

Weekly delivery (and pickups). Diapers are a large part of your family’s early years. We do everything (from delivery to disposal) - which can save you time, money and worry. No need to remember to buy diapers weekly, they will arrive at your door!

Order products with free delivery. When you order products from our online store, you can get free delivery with your diapers. Shop now

Your Choice of Diapers

You have the choice in which compost diaper you want to use. We offer multiple choices of diapers that are compostable.

Be ready for baby

We offer a pre-birth delivery ahead of your baby’s due date. Be ready from the get-go for your little one's arrival! This first delivery comes with a discount on some items you will need to get started. Check out our Build Your Own (BYO) starter bundle

How Diaper Service Works

After you sign up for diaper service, the cycle shown below will begin. We can deliver your first order of diapers and accessories before your baby has been born, that way you're ready from the first moments.

Step 1
Your products are delivered.

Every week, your diapers and accessories are delivered. A standing order can be setup so you always have clean diapers.

Step 2
We pick up the dirty diapers, and leave you fresh clean diapers.

Diapers can generate lots of trash, but when it is composted, all of it skips your trash can. Even our wipes and bags are compostable!

Step 3
The dirty stuff is composted.

These diapers are composted into municipal solid waste compost which is used for landscaping filler for non-agricultural areas.