Reusable to the maxCotton Cloths

Have you ever wondered where a retired diaper goes? One thing is for sure, the landfill is the last place. There are many uses for cotton rags, and we do these activities every day.

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100% Cotton, Gauze Rags

Their uses and benefits go on and on…

General Cleaning

Simply the best for dusting, polishing, wiping, scrubbing - cotton does it all.

House Care

A must have for any household... absorbs spills like no other, great for burp cloths.

Car Care

Engine cleaning, polishing, washing – a favorite for the car enthusiast, both professional and hobbyist.

Machine Shops

The material of choice amongst machine shops. Cotton is strong yet soft.

Window Washing

An essential product for anyone serious about windows. Cotton can take a beating, yet keeps on working.

Sports Equipment

Cotton helps you keep you sports stuff clean and fresh.

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