Register Away!

Using registries is a fun and easy way to share gift suggestions with your friends and family. Most of the information you will ever need for registries is located below.

Adding Diaper Service to Your Baby Registry

Adding Diaper Service to your registry is a simple way to have others gift you credit for your Diaper Service account.

Getting Diaper Service

If you are creating a registry, follow these steps to successfully create and share a registry. Additional Registry information can be found in the Overview tab above.

The first thing you need to do is to sign up for Diaper Service. To do this, you can either sign up online or call our specialists and order over the phone. You can place a Diaper Service order anytime during your pregnancy. Service will not start until you need it.

Once you receive your Diaper Service account number, please include that in your registry description so we know where your gifted funds should go!

The second thing you need to do is to create an Online Store account — unless you already have an Online Store account. You may have an account if you have already purchased from our online store, or have made registries in the past.

The third thing you'll want to do is add Diaper Service Certificates to your gift registry. They are located in our online store. We suggest adding various quantities and amounts.

After a Diaper Service gift is purchased from your registry, the funds will automatically be deposited to your Diaper Service account. The account credit can take a few business days.

Giving Diaper Service

If you are a gift giver, follow these steps to successfully purchase from their registry.

Search the Registries

  • Start by locating the registry you are looking for. The registrants might have given you a direct link, or you can search the registries.
  • If the registry requires a password, you will be asked for the password once you locate the registry. Only the registry creator knows this password.
  • Once you found the registry, all of the items will be listed. To purchase an item, select how many of each item you want under Buy Qty. Then click/tap the green Add to Cart button on the bottom of the page.
    NOTE: It is important that you add the items from the registry, otherwise they will not be marked as "Purchased".
  • Once the items are in your cart, you can continue and finish the checkout process.
  • As a gift giver, you do not need to create an account. Guest checkout is available.