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Serving the Bay Area since 1955.
We deliver diapers to your home, then the following week we pick up the soiled diapers and deliver fresh diapers. The dirty diapers are then safely composted. It's pretty cool!

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Compostable Diaper Options

The compostable single-use diapers we offer have the least environmental impact of all the diapers that are thrown away. Check out our compost diapers

Landfill Not Required

These diapers are composted into municipal solid waste compost which is used for landscaping filler for non-agricultural areas such as parks, athletic fields, golf courses, freeways, and building sites. Greatly reduce your trash and what is added to the municipal trash system.

Safer for All

When you compost, you avoid disposing of diapers in landfills where they can spread disease, or flushing them and running the risk of clogging your sewer system. You'll sleep easier knowing that with using single-use diapers, you can use them with a service that doesn't add to our landfill problem.

Less Trash at Home

Diapers can generate lots of trash, but when it is composted, all of it skips your trash can. Even our wipes and bags are compostable!

Well Researched Diapers

We have done extensive product testing and in-depth research to take the guess-work out of choosing a diaper that functions well, is comfortable and of course compostable. Check out the compost diapers we offer

Delivery and Pickup, to your Home

With our weekly compostable diaper pick-up service, your used diapers and wipes purchased from us will be treated right, all for just a nominal composting charge! And that small fee pays not only for the diapers' transport from your door to the entrance of the local composting plant, but also for the cost to have them professionally composted. See where we deliver

Easy to Manage

Visit the smartphone-browser-ready myTinyTots to update your account, change your diaper order, pause service for vacations, and much more. If myTinyTots cannot solve what you need, you can call us and speak with a diaper expert. Once your regular deliveries have started, you can activate your online account. Visit myTinyTots

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