Prices & Sizes for Cotton

Cotton Diaper Sizes Illustrated
babies 2-6 lbs
12" × 8"
babies 6-12 lbs
13" × 12"
babies 10-25 lbs
18" × 13"
babies 22+ lbs
20" × 15"
Training Pants
children 25-32 lbs
cotton pull-on

Zero, Newborn & Regular Cotton Diapers

Our cotton diapers can be ordered in increments of five, and the amount can be changed at any time. For newborn babies, we recommend at least 80 cotton diapers a week.

Number of Diapers Weekly Charge
55 $23.25
60 $24.00
65 $24.75
70 $25.50
75 $26.25
80 $27.00
85 $27.75
90 $28.50
160 $39.00

Toddlers & Training Pants

The Toddler–size cotton diapers are extra thick and absorbent, for children 22 pounds and up. The Training Pants are for children 25-32 pounds.

Quantity Weekly Charge
55 $24.75
60 $25.50
65 $26.25
70 $27.00
75 $27.75
80 $28.50
85 $29.25
90 $30.00
160 $40.50
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There is a 4-week minimum service. You may order any amount of diapers per week in increments of 5. Although the charts above only show the prices for the commonly requested quantities, we do offer diaper delivery for quantities as low as 5 per week.

Diaper Rotation
On your first and second deliveries you will receive the full number of diapers ordered. Thereafter you will be on a rotation system, meaning that the number of diapers you turn in one week will be returned to you the following week. Learn more about the rotation system

You are billed for the amount of diapers you are ordering (renting) each week, not the amount you use. If you are using less than your weekly order, call us to reduce your order (your weekly charge will then be reduced). For every ten clean diapers you have left on your delivery day, you can reduce your weekly order by five.

Note: The above weights are guidelines. Every baby is shaped differently and there's really no right or wrong time to make a size change. If the diaper you are using is no longer absorbing as well as it had been, it might be time to change sizes, regardless of the weight of your baby.