What is Diaper Service?

It helps you and our earth, honestly.

Raising a child is a big step for every person that takes the journey. It also takes a large toll on our earth with many millions of diapers entering the landfills every year. At Tiny Tots, we tailored the diaper service to help make your life a little simpler and to remove the toll on our landfills and on our earth.

Full service, the Tiny Tots way

We do everything (from cleaning to delivery) associated with keeping the diapers clean and in your hands. All you have to care for is keeping your young one happy and healthy.

Keeps waste out of landfills

With Tiny Tots, your dirty diapers never touch the landfill, since they are either re-washed or professionally composted.

A Green laundry process

No chlorine bleach is used and less water is needed to launder a day’s worth of diapers than it takes to flush your toilet!
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A choice of diaper style

Whether you want to use compost single-use diapers or cotton reusable diapers, the choice is totally yours. Can't decide, use both! Discover more

Weekly delivery (and pickups)

Diapers are a large part of your family’s early years. Having the diapers delivered and maintained can save you time, money and worry. Discover more

Diapers delivered before the baby

Babies can come earlier than expected, but you can be prepared with a pre-birth delivery. They also don't wait to poop, so be ready from the get-go! Discover more

Free from harmful chemicals

Our cotton diapers are free from harmful chemicals (zero, nada), so you know exactly when your child needs to be changed.

Faster potty training 1

Since there are no chemicals to disguise moisture, your child will learn what going #1 and #2 really mean, and quicker than normal! Diaper rashes can also be reduced.

Order products with free delivery

When you order products from our online store, you can get free delivery with your diapers. Shop now

Clean and tidy

The cotton diaper cleaning process is put through stringent tests to avoid any surprises.

1) Potty training time can vary from child to child. No child is the same.