Our Story

by Judy Aagard

Since 1966 it is estimated that our family, along with our faithful staff, have laundered over 680 million (680,000,000) diapers. We are the original curbside recycler.

Tiny Tots has offered convenient home pick up and delivery of cotton diapers in the SF Bay Area since 1966. This was possible due to the generosity of my grandmother. $12,000 covered the cost for diapers, two Kenmore washers/dryers, a delivery vehicle and a little bit more.

My mom and dad along with my older brother and sister worked long hours, and my dad had a second job. Since I was 8 at the time, I wasn't as aware of the day to day struggles of trying to manage a small business and pay the bills. From my 8-year old perspective, folding, washing and delivering diapers, as well as talking to customers on the phone, were all great adventures. I have memories of counting soiled diapers on roller skates and sleeping on the bed under the folding table as the rest of my family worked into the wee hours of the night.

Customer service has always been the hallmark to the way our family operates Tiny Tots. Most evenings we would take a family outing making emergency diaper deliveries. In spite of fires and closed streets, we didn't miss a delivery after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. We've always made every attempt to insure that our customers have diapers to use without running out. This tradition has become a part of the culture of Tiny Tots and continues on today.

Home of the original Cotton Diapering 101 Classes

It all started in 1980 when I set up an all day cloth diapering 101 class for my suitor, Tim Aagard. Tim fell for both cotton diapering and me, we married and have labored side by side promoting cotton diapering ever since. Fast forward to 2004 when the city of Sunnyvale approached us with the idea of offering cloth diapering 101 classes as a part of their waste reduction strategy. Classes began shortly thereafter at Tiny Tots with attendance surpassing all expectations. Weekly diapering classes have continued and remain a favorite event at Tiny Tots, and have since spread throughout North America!

Workshops and classes at Tiny Tots have continued to increase with the most recent addition of One on One sessions for those whose calendar doesn't work with our workshop schedule or for anyone who prefers individualized attention. In addition to Diaper Service 101, we also offer a monthly potty training support group, and workshops to help parents with cloth diapering options, laundering diapers, baby wearing, potty training, car seat inspections, infant CPR and much more.

The Baby Boutique

In 1986, Tim and I had our first son and I couldn't find 100% cotton clothing for him. So in 1994, Tiny Tots Baby Boutique, a natural children's clothing boutique began. Initially the focus was on clothing and then we branched out into other baby related products that we were passionate about. Supporting breastfeeding is my biggest personal passion. Because of the wonderful experience I had breastfeeding our two children, I had a desire to help others and became a lactation educator. Other passions include baby wearing and safe toys that engage a child and develop their imagination (we try to avoid carrying products that have plastic or need batteries). Four of our team members have trained to become car seat technicians (a 40 hour class).

When the Diaper Service was new, pins and plastic pull-on pants were used exclusively. Pins have since given way to user-friendly Snappi Clips, and pull-on pants have given way to endless diaper cover options with Velcro and snap closures made from a host of exotic materials and color options. We are in the modern cotton diaper era that includes more wonderful choices than ever. Tiny Tots has become recognized as a premier diapering supply location in the United States. And our diaper service customers enjoy the distinction of having anything from our boutique or website delivered free of charge with their weekly diaper delivery.

Recent Events

In 2009, we expanded our Diaper Service offerings to include compostable diaper service. Our diaper service customers now have the option of using cotton diapers exclusively, compostable diapers exclusively or a combination of cotton and compostable diapers. Compostable diapers are single-use diapers that are petroleum free. They are made with a corn based polymer that is certified to be compostable. We pick up the soiled compostable diapers from our customers and take them to a compost facility where they are professionally composted, resulting in municipal waste compost (MSW) that is suitable for non-agricultural uses such as parks, athletic fields, freeways, etc.