Breastpump Rentals

The Baby Boutique offers an easy and convenient breast pump rental service
with hospital-grade equipment.

Symphony by Medela

Symphony is Medela's latest innovation in hospital-grade electric double pumps. With breakthrough 2-Phase Expression pumping, Symphony is proven to reduce pumping time through faster let-down and milk flow and remove as much milk as a breastfeeding baby. Symphony implements the results of extensive research on electric breastpumps initiated by Medela and conducted by internationally renowned lactation researcher Peter Hartmann, Ph.D.

Lactina by Medela

The Lactina Select Breastpump is a favorite of hospitals, rental centers and moms. Ideal for long-term and frequent pumping needs, Lactina is a multi-user breastpump available for purchase or rental. Select offers a variable speed setting on the pump to complement the variable vacuum setting on the piston/cylinder that is included with the breastpump kits.

Lact-E by Ameda

This breastpump is invaluable for a mother who delivers a preterm infant, is separated from her infant, needs to increase her milk supply or will be pumping frequently. The automatic cycling is comfortable and also very efficient. The suck-release pattern of the Lact-E pump closely approximates the sucking action of a baby.

Rental Rates and Information

by Medela
by Medela
by Ameda
Weekly Cost $30.00 $21.00 $24.50
Monthly Cost $85.00 $60.00 $70.00
5-month Cost
Fifth month is free!
$340.00 $240.00 $240.00

Refund Policy
If you return the pump early, the refund will be prorated to the lower of the weekly or monthly rate.

Length of Rentals
Long term rentals are more cost effective than short term rentals. IF WE ARE NOTIFIED WITHIN 5 DAYS OF RENTING that you would like to extend for a longer period, you will be given the long term rate. Payment for the extension is due at the time of extension.

Cleaning Fee
A $20.00 cleaning fee will be charged if the pump is not returned clean. Please wipe it with a damp cloth to remove any milk residue and dust. A $35.00 fee for milk back up into the pump will be charged if necessary.

Rental Payments
Rental plans are prepaid at the time of rental. Unless we hear otherwise, when your rental expires, we will charge your credit card for the rate you signed up for, until your pump is returned. All rental plans are subject to sales tax.

Breastpump kits are sold separately and contain necessary accessories. Kits contain personal consumable parts.

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