Prices & Sizes for Compost

The charge for Compost Diaper Service is built into
the price of the compostable diapers, wipes and bags.

The price covers the delivery of the compost products, the pick-up of soiled compost products, the delivery to the compost facility and the composting fees. There are no additional service fees or hidden costs.
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Compostable Diapers & Pull Ups

Compostable diapers help you help the landfill. Chlorine and fragrance-free, our customers appreciate the way they fit and perform. They are a quality product made from top of the line ingredients.

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Note: We’ve been told by our customers that the above weights are guidelines. Since every baby is shaped differently, there’s really no right or wrong time to make a size change. If the diaper you are using is no longer absorbing as well as it had been, it might be time to change sizes, regardless of the weight of your baby.