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What do the charges for Combination Diaper Service include?

Tiny Tots will make a weekly stop at your home to deliver clean diapers and pick up soiled ones. The charges for the cotton diaper portion of the combination service include the rental, laundering and weekly pick-up and delivery of the diapers. The charges for the compostable diapers include the purchase of the products and the compost fee.

How do I calculate the charges for the Combination Service?

It's easy to calculate. First use the price list for the Cotton Diaper Service to calculate the charges for the cotton diapers. Then add the cost of whatever compostable products you intend to purchase.

Cotton Price List

Compost Products

How do I pay for service?

Charges for the cotton diaper service are billed in 4-week increments (and there is a 4 week minimum service). Charges for compost diapers or anything else you are purchasing from the store are billed when the order is placed. Anytime there is a balance on the account, the credit or debit card we have on file is automatically charged. Our customers receive a copy of the charges for verification purposes. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

How it Works


Can I receive diapers before my baby is born so I will feel better prepared?

Absolutely. We recommend scheduling a pre-birth delivery. This will include a one-week supply of cotton diapers along with any other diapering supplies, including compostable diapers, hamper, covers, etc. that you ordered. We won't deliver anything after the first delivery until we hear from you that you've had your baby. Once your baby is born, we will put your account in active status and automatically come to your home each week for a delivery and pick-up.

Can I include anything that is compostable with my weekly pick-up?

Yes, as long as you have purchased it through Tiny Tots. It is our responsibility to confirm that the integrity of what we drop off at the compost facility is compostable and this will help us in doing so. Also, the cost of composting is not covered when you purchase compostable products elsewhere. Compostable supplies

How many diapers will I get each week?

For compostabel, you will receive the number of compostable diapers that you order (these will either be set up for automatic delivery every 4-weeks or on an "as needed" basis).

For cotton, you will receive the number of cotton diapers as follows. On your first and second deliveries you will receive the weekly number of diapers that you ordered. After that, you will be on a rotation basis. The number of soiled diapers you turn in on your first delivery will be counted and that same number will be returned to you on your next delivery. There is a designated place on the label for you to write down the number of clean diapers you have left when you set out your soiled diapers. This helps us confirm that the number of diapers in your rotation is accurate.

Learn more about our Diaper Rotation system

How do I make changes to my account or order?

For any changes, including standing orders, diaper size, quantity, vacation holds, and new addresses, please let us know 3 working days before your delivery day. Making changes is easy and can be done by either calling or by using our online tool.

Online tool

What is the deadline for making changes to my account or ordering products?

The sooner you can let us know of changes, the better. It's always helpful to have at least three working days notice whenever possible.

Online tool

What if I will be out of town and don't need a delivery?

You will not be charged for the weeks you do not use the cotton diapers, provided you pre-scheduled a vacation hold. You can do this by notifying us at least 3 working days in advance of your delivery day, by phone or by using our online tool.

Online tool

Do I need to be available for deliveries?

Nope. We make many deliveries late at night or early in the morning, so we do not expect you to be present during drop-off and pick-up. We just ask that you set your dirty diapers out the night before your delivery day. Signatures are not required for the standard diaper deliveries.

Do I need to keep the cotton and compostable soiled diapers separate?

When you are on the combination service, you can put everything (reusables and compostables) in the bag your cotton diapers are delivered in. It is not required to keep the diapering types separate or to use a special compostable bag for the compostables. Part of our sorting process will include getting each product type to its proper place. The compostable products you return need to have been purchased from Tiny Tots.

What do I do on my pick-up day?

Our drivers begin their routes very early. Please set out your soiled diapers the night before your delivery day. We suggest you set a weekly reminder in your cell phone to remind you to set the diapers out the night before your pick-up day.

What do I do if I forget to set out my soiled diapers?

You can either bring them in to our Boutique or, on the following week, set out 2 weeks of soiled cotton and compost diapers. We suggest you set a weekly reminder in your cell phone to remind you to set out the diapers the night before your pick-up day. If we don't pick up the soiled cotton diapers, your driver will deliver your clean bundle (see two exceptions below), and we will schedule a LOAN delivery of 75% of your weekly diaper order for the following week.

Exception One: Clean diapers will not be delivered on your 2nd delivery week if there are no diapers to pick up.
Exception Two: Loan bundles are not delivered if 2 weeks worth of soileds are not set out the week after you forget to put out diapers.

Can I pick up and deliver my own diapers to your boutique in Campbell?

Yes. If you live outside our delivery area, you are more than welcome to set up a diaper service account and make your own pick-up and deliveries. The charges remain the same.

Do I need to rinse the soiled cotton diapers?

No, rinsing is not required! Your clean diapers are delivered in a plastic bag. Use this bag to line your hamper. When you take the diaper off of the baby, simply roll it up and place it in your lined hamper. It is not necessary to soak or rinse your diapers. Only diapers used as "Burp Cloths" or to clean up milk will need to be rinsed to avoid mildew growth and stains.

What if I see a stain on a diaper?

Generally, stains are harmless and have no impact regarding the diapers absorption and sanitation. Some diapers may develop stains, but they are no cause for alarm, as they are simply a visual imperfection. All diapers are washed thoroughly and completely, including complete disinfection and sanitation.

During routine inspection, if a diaper has recieved too much love (stains, consistency alterations, holes, etc), it will be pulled from circulation. While we make every effort to pull diapers as necessary, some may fall through cracks. Diapers that are pulled from circulation are then used as cotton clothes for other purposes.


How do I purchase compostable diapers, wipes and bags?

You can purchase compostable supplies three ways: place your order over the telephone by calling us at 1-408-866-2900, order at our online Baby Boutique, or purchase at our brick and mortar boutique in Campbell.

Can I set up a recurring order for compost products?

It is recommended, but not required. Recurring orders of compostable products are delivered automatically every 4 weeks. If you intend to use compostable diapers for very occasional use, it might be easier to order them on an "as needed" basis. Whichever way you feel works best for your lifestyle is fine.

Do you have quantity recommendations for Combo Diaper Service?

Yes! For newborns, we recommend you order a combination of cotton and compostable diapers to accommodate 80 changes each week. As your baby grows, you will know best what you need and can adjust the quantities accordingly. If you are starting the diaper service for an older baby, our recommendations are:

  • Newborn to 6 months: 70 to 90 changes per week
  • 6 months to 12 months: 50 to 70 changes per week
  • 12 months to 18 months: 40 to 60 changes per week
  • 18 months & up: 30 to 50 changes per week

Do I need to order compostable diapers by the case to receive the case discount?

You need to order four (or more) boxes of the same brand in order to receive the case discount. You can mix sizes within brands. You do not need to order in increments of four. For example, if you order six boxes, you will receive the discount on each box.

What if I need something in addition to my standing order before it's due to come?

Just give us a call or order online and we will drop it off on your next diaper pick up day.

Do I need a compostable bag to put the soiled compostable diapers (and wipes) in for pick up?

No, you don't need a special bag. You will use the bag your clean cotton diapers come in to line the hamper. It is okay to put the soiled cotton and compostables diapers (and compostable wipes) in the same bag.

What should I use to store the soiled diapers in?

We would recommend using a hamper that has a lid. You will use the bag your clean cotton diapers come in to line the hamper. It is okay to put the soiled cotton and compostable diapers (and compostable wipes) in the same bag. The diaper hampers available through Tiny Tots are: the Flip Top, and the Diaper Dekor. The Diaper Dekor requires the use of Diaper Dekor bags. If you choose the Dekor, please put the Dekor bags inside the liners provided by Tiny Tots, when setting out for pick-up.

How do I know what compostable products you offer and pick up?

We have a dedicated online department called, "Compostable Supplies". We can only pick up soiled compostable diapers and wipes that you have purchased from Tiny Tots.

Compostable supplies

What is available at Tiny Tots Parent Resource Center?

Our Tiny Tots Parent Resource Center is an all-inclusive, must-see shop for new mommy and baby items. Anything from our Boutique can be delivered with your diaper delivery for no additional delivery charge. Orders can be made at our online shop or by calling us.

How do I put a cotton diaper on my baby?

We encourage you to view our online videos which demonstrate the best diapering techniques for containment. Or, better yet, you may also want to consider attending one of our weekly Diaper Service 101 classes. Most of our attendees attend the class prior to the birth of their baby, but it's fine to come after, as well. Please call our Boutique at 1-408-866-2925 to sign-up. See our Learn How to Diaper section to learn the tips and tricks of diapering with cotton.

Can I compost my diapers with my city compost service?

No. Food and general compostable waste should never be mixed with diaper waste.