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Put the softest, safest, and most earth-friendly cloth diaper
on your child's tender bottom.

Professional Laundering that's Earth-Friendly, too

Start with a Fresh Change

At Tiny Tots, we go the extra mile to ensure that your cloth diapers are cleaned better than anywhere else and with less water waste going into the sewer system. Using state-of-the-art equipment and testing, we ensure that your diapers come out of the wash bacteria-free and pH balanced, while retaining their softness and absorbency. Due to the volume of cloth diapers we service, we can launder them with a minimum of water and fuel waste.

As a result of our efficient use of resources, we've not only been awarded with First Place for Innovation in Industry Water Conservation in California, but also the California Resource Recovery Association named Tiny Tots as having the Best Resource Reduction Program in the State of California. From an environmental standpoint, there is no better way to wash your diapers and have them be as thoroughly cleaned as we can get them. For you, that's peace of mind. This is the Tiny Tots hallmark of quality service: caring for your baby and the environment.

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Convenient Home Delivery & Pick-Up

One Less Bother

Deliery Truck

When you diaper your baby in cotton, we're here to help you. We not only deliver your diapers right to your door every week, but we also pick up your soiled ones replacing them with clean diapers, just in time. And if you need anything else for your baby, such as wipes, breastfeeding supplies, skin care products, etc., we'll drop off those, too, when we bring your diapers, at no extra charge for delivery. And with our online store, it's easy to place your orders for additional products, or even to change your diaper order, any time night or day. If you prefer, you can call in your orders, and we'll be happy to make sure you never run out of anything. With Tiny Tots there for you, you can prevent having to make those last-minute trips to the store for items you can have delivered weekly with your diapers. And when we arrive, you don't even need to be home (or to come to the door) – we'll just leave everything in front of your door for you. Of course, the best thing about our delivery and pick up service are the diapers you never need to wash; you don't even need to rinse them before putting them in the bag. Just set them out the night before your delivery day, and they'll be replaced with new ones in the morning. How easy is that!

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Cotton is Reusable

Nothing Added to Landfills

recycleIsn't it good to know that by diapering with reusable cotton, you've become a part of the solution to the waste that single-use diapers represent? The waste of raw materials, the waste of transporting raw materials, the waste of manufacturing and the waste of disposing in landfills – it all adds up. But when you put cotton diapers on your baby, they are used again and again, instead of being used just once and then thrown away. Plus, when they do finally wear out, they can be used for rags for cleaning. By choosing cotton, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you have made an environmentally healthy choice. Aren't you glad reusable cotton diapers remain a choice, not only for your precious baby but also for our precious planet?

Absolute Cotton

It's a Win for Everybody, Mainly Your Baby

If babies could talk, they would tell us that they enjoy the clean, cool and comfortable feel of 100% cotton on their little bottoms. And because cotton breathes much better than any other diaper, you'll enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your little one is less likely to get diaper rash. Plus, you will know when your baby needs to be changed, because cotton diapers don't contain chemical additives that mask the wetness. 100% cotton means they're chemical-free, so you can be worry-free about your baby being exposed to any of the health problems associated with the chemicals found in the majority of single-use diapers. Studies have also shown that potty training can happen sooner when cotton is used, simply because your little boy or girl is more aware of what's going on – and that can save you as much as a year's worth of diapering!

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