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With Combo, you can use both cotton
and compostable diapers. Flexibility is the word.

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Diaper Freedom

It's Up to You

We all know that cotton diapers are the best choice, not only for your baby (since they are chemical-free and breathable), but also for the Earth (since they are reusable). However, for some parents, for whatever reasons, there are times when a single-use diaper is called for. That's why Tiny Tots has provided an additional diaper service where you can have delivered with your cotton diapers some single-use diapers that won't be taken and buried in landfills. These diapers are compostable and when we pick them up, they will be taken to a local commercial composting facility where they will be safely composted without any risk of disease from pathogens (because the dirty diapers are all carefully "disinfected," so to speak). Unlike other single-use diapers, their ingredients qualify them for composting (which turns them into a usable form of dirt know as Municipal Solid Waste) which can be used as landscaping filler in non-agricultural areas such as parks, athletic fields, golf courses, freeways, and building sites. You'll sleep easier knowing that when you do have to use a single-use diaper, you can choose one that doesn't add to our bulging landfill problem.

Compostable Diaper

The Hard Work is Done

When looking for a compostable diaper to use with your cotton diapers, it's enough to make your head spin trying to find the best ones. That's why Tiny Tots has done extensive product testing and in-depth research to take the guess-work out of choosing a diaper that functions well and is also compostable.

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Convenient Home Delivery & Pick-Up

As Simple as it Gets

With our weekly combination cotton and compostable diaper pick-up service, you can know your used diapers will be treated right. We make it easy to ensure you never run out of diapers, and never need to throw away your single-use diapers where they will pollute our landfills or sewer systems. And while we're at your door for your weekly pick-up, if there's anything else you need for your baby, such as wipes, breastfeeding supplies, skin care products, etc., we'll drop those off, too, at no extra charge for delivery. With Tiny Tots there for you, you can prevent having to make those last-minute trips to the store for items you can have delivered weekly with your diaper pick-up. And when we arrive, you don't even need to be home (or to come to the door) when we arrive – we'll just leave everything in front of your door for you. And, of course, the best thing about our delivery and pick up service are the diapers you never need to launder or compost; you don't even need to separate them or rinse them before putting them in the bag. Just put them all in the same bag and set them out the night before your pick-up day, and we'll take care of everything else. How simple is that!

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